Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tree Change Dolls

Tree Change Dolls are beyond beautiful! They embody so much and all in such a little package. Tasmanian artist and scientist Sonia Singh gives worth to that which others have thrown away. She recycles old dolls and gives them a new purpose and a fresh start. Sonia is the epitome of Recycle/Repurpose/Reuse! She also cares enough to allow the unique and authentic beauty of each doll find its way to the surface.

It is difficult to imagine the dolls in the before pictures going camping, playing a sport or playing outdoors. The before dolls faces are relegated to going out to a party or a disco. They (before dolls) don’t prompt introspection, authenticity or natural beauty. In the hands of Sonia and her crochet master mother these dolls take on a new life full of even greater possibilities.

The new dolls' simplicity is empowering to children by giving them an imaginary friend that better reflects their own natural beauty. They are a blend of artistic mastery with inspired conservationist and a healthy dose of honoring the feminine.

Sonia also donates 10% of her monthly earnings to charitable organizations and causes. Here is a link to her FAQ page where she gives a monthly accounting of her donations.

She also has a do it yourself page on her website and encourages other to recycle their dolls and toys. You can view the page at

Love Love Love her work! Sonia is an inspiration and a true Shero!

"Tree Change Dolls is about recycling to create dolls that reflect real children ready to explore the world!"

For more information about Tree Change Dolls or to buy your very own:
Tree Change Dolls Tumblr
Tree Change Dolls Website

Thank you for honoring the feminine and thank you for visiting. Wishing you peace.

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