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Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop

About Aurora Ferrer
Who would benefit from the Women's Empowerment Basic 1 
Workshop? Any woman that wants to gain more confidence in her ability to defend herself and in her ability to deal with her surroundings. There is a consciousness shift that happens when we learn that we are physically capable of protecting ourselves, our bodies and minds become powerful tools, not only for protection but also for personal growth. If you've ever wanted to learn how to apply simple yet potentially lifesaving hands-on self-defense techniques as well as to strengthen your personal feminine power the Basic 1 Workshop is for you.

Aurora's ​Women’s Empowerment est. in 1992, is a women’s self-defense program that views the mind, body, emotions and spirit as equally important components in personal growth and safety. Workshops have been taught at colleges, sororities, on local cable, health care companies, women’s groups, city councils and to battered women at the Maravilla Housing Project in East L.A. and the Carmelitos Housing Project in Long Beach. Her Woman’s Empowerment program has provided a place for women of all walks of life to come and rediscover their dreams and personal power.

Integration is what sets this program apart from most other "women's self-defense programs". We believe that to create lasting and applicable change we must address the whole of the person. Most programs or systems focus on teaching their students physical self-defense techniques and having the student memorize the movement. Some may even add physical conditioning and assailant attack simulations. While these programs can help women feel more independent and self-reliant in a potential assault situation, we feel that most of these programs don't focus enough time on the important roles that our daily mindset and decision making plays in our "response" conditioning.

The Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop is a two and a half hour intensive hands-on session where women learn practical application of self-defense techniques along with sensory work and mental exercises. Aurora shares her 25 years of martial arts and personal safety experience in concise lecture points to raise participants awareness of their surroundings as well as to give them options for preventing physical confrontations. Campfire exercises are one of our unique training tools and have the power to make the biggest impact on the quality of daily life. Upon completion of Basic 1 Workshop participants will be able to apply basic techniques with enough strength and accuracy to break a board.

Class Take-Home Materials:
Empowerment Basic 1 Workbook
  ~ Basic Self-Defense Techniques and Skills
  ~ Home Workout & Practice
  ~ 4 Week Home Campfire Exercises
  ~ Lecture Points & Notes
  ~ Empowering Quotes
Empowerment Journal
Wood Board

In-Class Materials:

Kicking Shields
Hand Boxing Mitts
Focus Paddles

What to bring: Water and a positive, can do attitude.
What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict movement.

Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop Info:
Date: Sat., March 28, 2015
Time: 3:30pm - 6:00pm
Place: Kadan Martial Arts - 11741 Valley View St. #G, Cypress, CA 90630
Email: (registration & information)
Cost: $45.00 pre-registration by March 23, 2015
         $55.00 registration on or after March 24, 2015

El Show de Mabel Katz - El Poder del Femenino con Aurora Ferrer 
Interview on Spanish television of Aurora Ferrer on the Mabel Katz Show talking about the power of the feminine and how women can use martial arts to further develop self-confidence and independence. Si se puede! Yes we can! 

You can find more information about Aurora's Women's Empowerment Organization at:
Website Women's Empowerment:
Website Kadan Martial Arts:
Poetry Musings Blog:

Thank you for honoring the feminine and thank you for visiting. Wishing you peace.

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