Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today She Rose. Bidding a fond farewell to a Phenomenal Woman

Today we have lost a great soul. The world morns and the angels rejoice. Wednesday, May 28, 2014 we bid farewell and safe travels to a Phenomenal Woman...Dr. Maya Angelou. Her written words open the minds and healed the hearts of countless souls. She gave a powerful voice to the stories of prejudice, female oppression and social injustice.

Dr. Angelou's life was much too vast and far reaching to summarize in a single blog post. Instead I share two of my favorite Maya Angelou poems, two interviews and a link to the best interview I've ever seen. She held court as the queen of words. I can think of no one better to tell her story.

These two poems speak to the heart of who Dr. Angelou was and the message she wanted to share with the world.

"Phenomenal Woman"

 "And Still I Rise".

I had the great honor of being interviewed by Dr. Angelou on Sirius Oprah Radio a few years back. I sent her a poem I had written about being part of the American Family. I was over joyed when I received the call inviting me to speak with her. 

Growing up in Los Angeles I rarely get "star struck" but speaking with Dr. Angelou was a different story. She was one of my lifetime heroes. A person I had admired and respected since I was a teenager. She walked with Malcom X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela. She had faced war zones, segregation and being a teenage single mother. Dr. Maya Angelou was/is a giant to me. While you can't see us on radio, you can hear that I have a smile from ear to ear.
A few months before my interview I took my sons to see her when she spoke in Los Angeles. She was a captivating figure even into her 80s. She shared personal stories and read some poetry. The courage that she had in her life and in her art was inspiring. She broke through the mental and emotional cages of oppression, racism, sexism, poverty and abuse. She sang her courageous song without shame or apologies. Maya Angelou was the personification of what is possible.

In this interview from the Heaven and Earth Show Dr. Angelou shares stories about her grandmother, her faith, over coming challenges, Dr. King, Malcom X, brotherhood and sisterhood. It is a beautiful window into her soul. She says "human beings are more alike than unalike...The truth is we know each other and we tell ourselves we don't. There is a connection between human beings".

"I have no modesty. It's a dangerous affectation. Modesty is put on from without. Humility is what we want. Humility comes from within, out. Humility says someone was here before me. And I am here now. I have something to do. I too have responsibilities. And there will be someone coming behind me. Who I must prepare the way for." Maya Angelou quote from the Visionary Project. Follow this link to one of the most inspiring and comprehensive interviews of Dr. Maya Angelou. Visionary Project has a library of great minds here is the link to Dr. Angelou's interview It is a must listen for any person wanting to realize their full human potential.

In this last video she shares this heartfelt and moving message to her daughter. And tells us that we are all her daughters. Take a moment to listen to her wisdom. Take a moment to open your heart to her love. (And if you get a chance to read the book please do. I loved it. The book was wise, witty and relevant.)
Dr. Maya Angelou will live forever in her works and in her words. May her legacy of "love conquering all" become the mantra for future generations.

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We love you and thank you and wish you Peace.

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