Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Courage is the first step towards inner-peace

One of the first lessons we practice in my Women's Empowerment classes is that of finding our courage and center in everyday situations. 
It's important to note that how we react on a daily basis becomes a habitual conditioned response. In high-stress situations our bodies and minds go into automatic and many times fall back to our habitual-response behaviors. If we are uncomfortable owning our truth and our power in everyday situations it can be that much harder to find them in a potentially violent situation. 
Remember that we are more than just physical machines. Just memorizing punches and kicks without addressing our totality of being will not prepare us adequately to face potential threats effectively. It's just as important to train the mind, subconscious, and emotions as it is the body. 

I'll share one of the lessons we do to encourage strength and authenticity. 

3rd week lesson - homework & journal

Many people find that the need to not upset others out weighs the need to protect their own inner peace.  Even the most outspoken of us has found ourselves in situations that create inner conflict because as your mouth is saying YES everything else in you is saying NO. 

This week our homework and journal will consist of the following:

It's ok to say no. It's also ok to make time for yourself. In fact both are extremely important practices for overall wellbeing and health. 

1. Every morning this week find music that makes you feel strong, positive and alive. Listen to at least 10 minutes and dance or move with the music before you start your day. You might enjoy some of the music from our "Collection of Empowering Songs for Women". 

2. Just for this week promise yourself you'll choose to protect your inner peace over the wants and demands of others. So find one thing this week that you can do to create more peace for yourself. Examples: Finding time to meditate, taking a long bath, or reading an inspiring book. Being honest about your limitations and saying no when need be. 

3. Give yourself permission to be honest with yourself and with others. 

4. Every evening take 10 minutes to journal about the new habit you practiced that day and how it impacted you. 

Remember even if you have a very busy life and find it difficult to make time for yourself, it's only a week. Give yourself just 7 days and maybe you'll find you can incorporate it for good? Also if saying no is difficult, it's only for 7 days. You may find that as you practice, it becomes easier. 

If we don't make time to find our center, it is much easier to be thrown off by life's daily challenges. If we don't find the courage to speak our truth then we are no longer living our life but someone else's idea of what it should be. 

Thank you for reading my blog post. If you're inspired to do this lesson let me know how it goes. 

Thank you for honoring the feminine.


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